Honeycomb Mesh Summer Cardigan

Summer is coming, and I have had a few request for crochet pattern of a light summer cardigan. I had the honeycomb mesh in mind, I figured it would be perfect to design a cardigan using the honeycomb stitch. The pattern itself is fairly simple, easy to memorize and with rectangle shapes. The cardigan was made in three rectangle pieces, with the 3/4 sleeves crocheted into the armhole. I made this cardigan using   cotton blend yarn, which is perfect for warm summer weather. I use crochet hook size G (4.25 mm). It didn’t take very much yarn at all, for the smallest size it only requires about 650 yards.

Honeycomb Mesh Crochet summer Cardigan pattern
Honeycomb Mesh Crochet Cardigan 
Honeycomb Mesh Summer  Crochet Cardigan pattern
Honeycomb Mesh Crochet Cardigan

I am very happy with the end result, the cardigan drapes very nicely and with straight edges. I added ribbed edging on bottom and the sleeves. It is the perfect cardigan for layering on top of dresses, shorts, skirts, and even bathing suits.

The pattern is fairly simple and straight forward, so I would consider this pattern to be a moderate beginner to intermediate. It is available as instant download at the following sites:

Nicole Wang Designs Etsy Shop

Nicole Wang Designs Ravelry Shop

Nicole Wang Designs Craftsy Shop



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